The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is known worldwide to be one of the most terrifying rulers in literary history, made famous in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in wonderland.
You’d be scared to even say hello to her or even compliment her in fear of being beheaded. However it’s a great Halloween costume (partly so you can just yell at people all night!).
The Queen of Hearts from the Presley Boutique
The Presley has exactly what you’re looking for!
Our Fairytale red Queen costume is made of buttery soft satin and a sequin heart embellishment on the breast plate. Attached bows and a removable sheer glitter skirt that opens in the front and drops down to the floor. It also has detached satin sleeves to keep you you don't have to cover your costume with a coat!
This corset costume is made to last. With a Premium YKK side zipper closure
10 spiral steel bones with 4 static steel back bones.
Nickel brass grommets with thick cording in the back for cinching
Removable Garters
Also included are Detached/Removable Sleeves, Black Ruffle Panty, Removable Collar, Tiara...and then there is that fear factor....